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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who's Your Type?

So as I was sitting in my apartment today I realized that boredom had struck my being. I decided that the time was right to go back and watch one of my all time favorite Disney Flicks. My Good roommate made an off hand comment about how beautiful Belle was, and that in turn got my creative juices flowing. I have determined what traits all of the Disney Princess possess, and by so doing you will be able to choose which one is best for you! I hope that you enjoy my work.

Men that have the hots for Belle are attracted to classy ladies. This fine young women isn't all about the looks cause she's got brains as well, and in no way does that intimidate men who have a thing for Princess Belle. Beneath all of those books Belle has a fiery passion of a 1000 suns, and her kiss can change a horrific beast into a wavy haired hunk of meat. What man doesn't like a woman that likes cute snowball fights in the snow? If you like your women classy, sophisticated, and brunette then Belle is the Princess for you. 

Princess Aurora is your typical Blond. Yes, she is beautiful as the sunshine's rays (not to mention the voice of an angel), but she does tend to get herself into trouble now doesn't she. Some men do, however, like high maintenance girls such as Aurora. It gives them a feeling of power or accomplishment. I would bet my life that Aurora stays beautiful for the rest of her life....even if it required a little botox here and there. She's the 1959 version of a blond bombshell. Go ahead boys she's all yours! I'm going to steer clear.

Cinderella is as timid and as passive as they come. She will cook and clean all day and night, but she has such a cute face that you'd never want to make her do that for you. Because of childhood abuse she may have some negative effects from that, but she's bound melt your heart with the way she dances and sings. There may be some self-esteem issues, but don't let that scare you away from this perfect fit.
Snow White would make the best mother of all time. How could she not when taking care of all those little dwarves? I'm sure she'd be able to handle any type of man that comes her way. I'm not a man of short hair, but for you guys out there the fair skin, and short black hair probably makes you go bat crazy! Sometimes she can be a little bit light-minded, but I'm sure her cooking skills will have you coming back for more!

 Ariel fits every description I've ever known of what a fiery redhead is. She's spontaneous, adventurous, and a whole lot more. I don't know if there is a Disney Princess more passionate about her Prince then Ariel is. She was willing to give away her spectacular vocal cords just to see her man, now that's dedication! She can go over the top at times, but she always brings it back with that passion! Once you go red you never go back.

Mulan is not a Disney Princess end of discussion.

Jasmine is not your average princess. Some would say that she is the skanky type. Do I disagree? Absolutely not. Some men are extremely attracted to a woman that is willing to take charge and make the first move. Jasmine does have this exotic quality to her that the other princesses lack. If you are willing to not wear the pants in the relationship then Jasmine is your cup of tea!
Princess Tiana is a go-getter. When she has an ambition she runs for it and she won't let anybody get in her way. She definitely has that black woman sass, not to mention a black woman......butt. Tiana would be a fine catch for any man, especially if he is looking for a woman with an accent. You won't find a better cook in the Disney Empire and that's an important trait in a future spouse. Hold on to your bootstraps she's a keeper.

Rapunzel is also quite the fire cracker. She may be the most talented of the Disney Princesses, she has an amazing singing ability as well as extravagant painting ability. Never before has a Princess been able to kick trash like Rapunzel. The only thing that creeps me out is that she hasn't had human contact her entire life so she's gotta have something wrong. Be prepare to get tangled up in that hair if Rapunzel is the one for you.

I hope you have enjoyed my extensive research on Disney's most beloved Princesses. I am sure you are all wondering who I would choose, and of course I would choose Ariel. I am currently dating a redhead, and for all you haters....Think Again. Just like I said when you go Red you never go back. Over and Out! Rate for your princess over on the right. 


  1. Hahahahahaha. I love this. Mulan is not a princess but Pocahontas and Cinderella are and you forgot them! I always thought I was most like snow white but now thinking more about it I'm more like Rapunzel. Artsy, inspired by things she loves, and will follow her dreams. Not to mention she is very loyal to her true love and loves to sing... That is me to a tee!!!!

  2. hahaha oh francine you rack me up. let me know when you know.... it was great to see you the other day!

  3. Hahah!! Oh Bradley!! You are just too funny sometimes! :) Somehow I knew you were going to pick Ariel without fail ;) Has Cand seen this yet? And with your descriptions I think I most likely more like Belle? and I am sad that you didn't put a description on about Mulan...she may not be a princess but she freakin kicks butt!!! But Mulan is one of my favorite movies!